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The origin of a band as a logical consequence. 

We trail away at the limit. The picture becomes blurred, a pattern, an echo ... listening sharpens, curiously anticipating the next impulse ... we recognize the new structure. Ensemble Entropie doesn't understand Jazz as a stylistic parameter, but as a manner and modality of making music. Their compositions include dreamy themes, catchy bass riffs and lyrics in a phantasy language, but just when you seem to grasp the structure of a song it gets deconstructed into it's individual components.

According to form, occasionally known standards get stripped to the static relevant elements. In the open sphere they appear unconsumed, gentle and raw.

In 2016 the quartet formed as a logical consequence of a preceded joined project by Nikolai Muck and Judith Gippert, in which they still followed more traditional sounds, (listen to „Breathing, Calling, Falling" - Vierklang Trio feat. Layonne Cherimoya). The growing need for musical freedom and a flexible way of playing develops increasingly on stage and finally dominates.

An uncompromising transfer of moods onto the instruments. The freed solos, melancholic melodies and levitating sounds meet the audience, make all background noises disappear, yet the free and extended group improvisations leave the old swing-fan confused.


With Fabian Habicht, and old friend and drummer based in Berlin and Leon Lissner returning from London, where he polished his bass strings for several years - the forming of Ensemble Entropie was sealed. The band continues to perform internationally. 

Fabian Habicht


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Judith Gippert

Vocals & Flute

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Nikolai Muck


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Leon Lissner


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